PC Gameplay Of Smash Legends

If you like cute fairy-tail style characters and free-for-all brawling then you will want to check out the latest PC gameplay video of Smash Legends.

SMASH LEGENDS, a #CrossPlatform#Action#EasyControl#PVP​ game! ​
Today we’ll be sharing actual play-video over the PC platform of SMASH LEGENDS, so players can experience the view of the PC platform! ​

Throughout the play-video you can see how UI deployment is different from the mobile platform, where most of the UIs are located on the bottom of the screen and not interfering player’s view. In this way, players with PC platform can secure much wider & clear view during the battle. ​​

Also, we’ve added shortcut keys & different shortcut UI for in-game emoji as well. In the PC platform, players can use in-game emoji by using designated number keys presented on the shortcut UI of in-game emoji. ​

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