Support Dementia research & Pick Up Some New D&D Mods While doing it

If you are into Dungeons & Dragons or know someone who is then you will want to check out the current site-wide sale on DMS Guild, but most particularly you will want to check out the mods from Robbie Pleasant. Robbie Pleasant, an ENnie Award-winning adventure writer, is currently donating all proceeds from his sales on DMS Guild to help with dementia research! The current site-wide sale is set to end on March 14th, and the sale on his latest adventure ends today, so be sure to go get yourself some incredibly fun adventures soon!

Ice, Ice, Birdie:

Alright, stop! Collaborate and listen: Roc Capella’s back in a brand new adventure. Specifically, a new Dungeoncraft for D&D Adventurers League season 10, from the writer and artist team behind “Clever” and the award-winning “Where Can She Be?”

In Bryn Shander, the city prepares for a day of celebration and festivities, as a well-known couple finally ties the knot. Adventurers are needed to help ensure all goes well, especially with the appearance of a famed troupe of kenku bards.

Can you protect the troupe, save the wedding, and help the happy couple survive the cruel, cold world that is Icewind Dale under Auril’s eternal winter?

A 4-hour adventure for tier 2, optimized for APL 8, using the “Winter Over”Adventure Seed.

What will you get in “Ice, Ice, Birdie?”

Where Can She Be

Silver ENnie Awards 2020 winner for “Best Organized Play”

A master criminal has been making her way across the Moonsea, stealing priceless treasures at every stop. It’s up to you to trace her steps, find her allies, and stop her before she can claim her final prize.

What will you get in “Where Can She Be?”


A strange new crime family has been growing and tightening its grips on local businesses. Any who refuse their offers are found dead shortly after, torn apart by claws and teeth. Who is behind this wave of organized crime?

A Two-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 7.

“Clever” was written for North Bay Dungeon Day 2019, organized by the players of Fundemonium and Gryphon’s Nest. Proceeds from the event were donated to Canine Companions for Independence. 

Paladin Oath of Smiting

Let’s be real: paladins love to smite. Well, more specifically, paladin players love to smite. So what oath do you take to really maximize your smiting?

Enter the Oath of Smiting. This oath is for paladins who have one goal above all else: smite as much evil as possible.

Empower your smites! Smite with more attacks! Share the ability to smite with your party! The Oath of Smiting turns your team into a smiting machine (moreso than it already was).

This is a humorous subclass I wrote up on a whim, so don’t expect anything particularly lore-heavy, or even fully playtested. But if you want to have fun smiting any foes that cross your path, check out the Oath of Smiting and smite away!

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