The Red Dragon Inn Pub Crawl Expansion Is Here

SlugFest Games has just launched the Kickstarter for the new Pub Crawl expansion to The Red Dragon Inn! If you are into tabletop gaming then chances are you either own Red Dragon Inn, or you know someone who does lol, but if you do not then here is a review of the game from none other than The Hungry Gamer to help you get familiar with the game.

Ok, now that you have a basics of the game, let’s get to why you are here, the new Pub Crawl expansion that just launched on Kickstarter!


The Red Dragon Inn is an award-winning series of games in which players play as colorful adventurers (well, mostly adventurers) who are drinking

Farai is a high-ranking cleric of the Great Temple, but his first love is brewing. His brewery and tasting room, The Harmonious Cup, is a part of the Great Temple and not only brews the sacramental wine, but also helps pay for the temple’s many charitable works!

Samantha runs The Scurvy Dog, a feisty tavern down by the docks. Fights break out there so frequently that Samantha decided to start taking bets on their results. Her quick wits and business savvy have turned her “low class” establishment into a bustling destination!

Lucky owns a “booze cart” that travels around town selling spirits and avoiding trouble with the city guard. She sources her alcohol in various… “creative” ways. Whenever some ale is approaching its expiration date, Lucky is there. Whenever a barrel of Dwarven Firewater falls off the back of a warehouse, Lucky is there. Whenever a local thief needs an item fenced, Lucky is there. (But that’s the part of her business she doesn’t want you to know about!)

A highly skilled barista and baker, Phyll runs Startusk’s, a coffee shop just across from the main entrance to the Mages’ Collegium. Many Greyporters thought that it would be folly to open a shop that only serves snacks, high-end drinks and potions, but the line out the door every morning proves those naysayers wrong.

Be sure to head over to Kickstarter to learn more and pledge to get the new expansion!

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