Tom Holland Get Put Into Uncharted 4 Via DeepFake

Is anyone else excited about Tom Holland playing Nathan Drake? Well, even if you are not, check out this new Deepfake video from StryderHD where he inserted Tom Holland in Uncharted 4 and get a glimpse at would it could be like if the game as rendered to be him.

With the announcement of the “Uncharted” movie and Tom Holland starring in it this would look like a perfect opportunity for me to come into action and put out a really cool Uncharted/4 game deepfake with one of the most popular actors out there right now Mr. Tom Holland, and this is what he looks like in the role, at least in the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End game, which the movie will apparently be based on, I hope you all enjoy!! If you like my content you already know what to do like, comment and subscribe for much more content coming weekly!

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