Wordsmyth Is Out On Android

Do you like to relax and keep your brain trained with word games? Do you like Boggle? Well, you should check out Wordsmithy for Android – A Beautiful, Daily Word Game.

About The Game:

Wordsmyth is your little distraction – a chance to briefly escape the stresses and strain of the world around you. A daily workout for your brain.

It’s an age-old word game, filtered down to its very basics. Just 9 letters that are yours to play with for the whole day. Absorb them, let them rest on your mind and slowly create as many words as you can with them. Some words will be obvious immediately, others will take time.

Wordsmyth’s beauty is in its simplicity – It allows your mind to focus purely on one task, without any pressure or distractions. The stunning backdrops dynamically interact with you as you play, helping you to relaxing and drawing your attention further into the experience.

Every day will bring you new words to find and a fresh, beautifully dynamic experience to help soothe your thoughts. So steal 5 minutes, relax and experience Wordsmyth.

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